Information Technologies 

Among the Development Strategy’s key areas of focus is making technological breakthroughs and building advanced processes and systems. In 2010, the Bank continued to proactively pursue IT upgrade initiatives in various areas.

One of the initiatives is the deployment of a best-practice, automated customer relationship management (CRM) system, an internationally recognised solution for building relationships with customers. In 2010, Corporate CRM processes were customised to include a cross-sale function and to cater for a new customer segment (medium-sized businesses), accompanied by the partial introduction of the new lending process. To enhance retail CRM processes (relationships with individuals), the Bank has completed the tender for the selection of a centralised system that will facilitate the matching of offerings with different customer groups’ interests and conducting cross selling.

Another important area is the development of remote service channels. Each new ‘remote’ service added to the Bank’s service offering makes it more customer-friendly and contributes to a significant increase in operating efficiency. Some notable 2010 achievements include:

  • Basic Product, a unique technology enabling customer access to the entire product range through all channels, is fully operational in Moscow and is currently being launched in the regions
  • The update to Sberbank OnLine, an e-banking system that provides a combined solution for managing credit card and deposit accounts, now features an improved interface and extended functionality
  • Sberbank Business Online, a centralised e-banking system for legal entities, has been launched in some territorial banks
  • Internet Display of foreign currency treasury products allows the tracking of intraday price movements for a given product; provides access to analytical tools and news feeds; and enables instant on-line transactions on the terms proposed by the Bank
  • Online brokerage service
  • Cooperation with the web portal of Russia’s Pension Fund: a statement of the pension fund account is now available through ATMs and online
  • Up to 80% of bills to local governments and state agencies may now be paid via payment terminals in Moscow

Over 2010 the Bank has made significant progress in developing a modern management information system (MIS). MIS is designed to provide management with critical information to support decision- making. The Bank has created a unified web portal hosting a management reporting database. A number of the latest IT technologies that were introduced in 2010 have facilitated significant cost reductions and improved delivery. Cash liquidity management has been successfully launched in Moscow, with pilot projects being implemented in the territorial banks. The cost budgeting and expense planning system is now fully operative and Hunter, a combined tool offering a continuous cycle to enable users to prevent, detect and investigate fraud when extending loans to borrowers, has been introduced.

The Bank’s advanced IT project management framework received recognition from the IPMA Approval Commission and an IPMA Level B compliance certificate confirms that the Bank is capable of undertaking undertake complex IT projects both locally and on a global scale.

Based on the findings of the surveillance audit conducted in January 2010, the Bank’s information technology service management system continues to meet ISO/IEC 20000:1-2005.


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