Development Outlooks 

With the majority of key indicators returning to pre-crisis levels, Sberbank intends to maintain its momentum in order to achieve sustainable growth in 2011, while consistently adhering to the Development Strategy through to 2014.

In terms of finance, the Bank’s sees its primary objective in maximising return on capital and shareholder value, which calls for enhancing credit-portfolio quality, securing the repayment of nonperforming loans and continually improving operating efficiency.

Customer service priorities for 2011 include the following:

  • Enhancing the level of customer satisfaction with the Bank’s service; emphasis will be placed on eliminating queues at outlets and introducing the corporate relations manager role — a new position specifically designed to serve corporate customers.
  • Increasing the Bank’s share of Russian banking assets by strengthening its relative position in the financial market’s key segments.
  • Offering the market’s best level of customer service in remote banking.
  • Strengthening the brand in the priority retail segments.

The Bank intends to take the following steps in 2011 in the context of process and technology enhancement:

  • Complete transition to a customer-focused service model.
  • Fully implementing the new corporate lending process, having made the Bank’s lending system the best on the market.
  • Leveraging the Bank’s economies of scale to the fullest by consolidating the back-office function.

Human capital is a key enabler of the Bank’s successful business development. Human capital management priorities for 2011 include the following:

  • Drawing up a comprehensive staff development and optimisation plan
  • Creating a highly dedicated and motivated team by relying on fully implemented and consistently applied motivation processes and the establishment of career management and social security systems
  • Maintaining the required level of personnel qualification to meet the Development Strategy by setting up professional training and development processes, liaising with educational institutions, and developing and introducing knowledge management processes and tools.


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