Report on Payment of Declared and Accrued Dividends 

The right to dividends and dividend-payment procedure are stipulated by Sberbank’s Charter and Dividend Policy, approved by the Supervisory Board in 2008. Both documents can be found on Sberbank’s corporate website:

Holders of ordinary and preferred shares are entitled to dividends. The minimum dividend on preferred shares is 15% of the nominal value of a preferred share. Pursuant to the Bank’s Charter, dividends are payable once a year in cash by transfer to the shareholder’s bank account. The decision on paying dividends and their amount is made at the annual General Shareholders’ Meeting, based on the Supervisory Board’s recommendations. These recommendations are made taking into consideration the interests of the shareholders and the Bank’s further business development. The recommendations are based on the Bank’s net profit calculated according to Russian Accounting Standards.

Sberbank has a policy of making regular dividend payments on its shares and has been allocating 10% of its net profits for payment of dividends in recent years.

The history of dividend payments

The decision to pay dividends and their amount for 2010 will be made at the annual General Shareholders’ Meeting on 3 June 2011. The respective information will be posted on the Bank’s official website at


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