Our Customers 

Customer relations are a key factor in the Bank’s sustainable development. Such is the scale of our operations that our activities affect the interests of millions of individuals and companies. This is a reciprocal relationship, since the economic and social well-being of our customers is a pre-requisite for the financial well-being of the Bank itself. In terms of corporate social responsibility, we identify several important aspects in our relationships with customers.

Our operations have a direct impact on the development of the national economy, its health and stability. This determines our balanced approach towards the financing of key economic sectors and our responsible behaviour in times of crisis. We work to offer our customers a range of services that meet their needs and help them run their businesses effectively. The support we provide to small businesses reflects our firm belief that this sector is essential to the stability and efficiency of the Russian national economy.

We ensure that everyone has access to our financial services regardless of the size of their assets or the social group to which they belong. As such, we provide crucial financial services including the processing of government transfers to individuals and tax and utility payments. Another important area for us is the development of home loans and mortgages.

Improving the quality and speed of our customer service is a priority. We recognise that customers expect a high quality service and that by providing this, we can influence their overall sense of wellbeing.

Finally, what we value most is the trust of our customers. Today Sberbank enjoys a very high level of customer confidence, and we have a great responsibility to maintain and strengthen this confidence. We will do so by continuing to adhere to the principles of good business conduct, by ensuring the security of our operations and by making our services easier for our customers to use and understand.

Our vision: What is Sberbank to its customers?

  • A bank that values each client.
  • A partner that is always ready to help each client with his financial issues.
  • A A bank that can be trusted as being financially stable and transparent, offering fair conditions, quick and convenient service, helping customers make financial decisions that best meet their personal interests.
  • A bank that is constantly improving for the benefit of its clients
  • The best bank on the market.

It is no secret that the social well-being of a huge number of people depends on Sberbank’s activities. And if the Bank is modern, driven and develops effectively while maintaining the trust of Russian citizens, foreign customers and Russian customers on the whole, or, even better, further inspiring their confidence, then of course everyone will be happy.

DMITRY MEDVEDEV, President of the Russian Federation, during a visit to Sberbank


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