Socially Significant Retail Services 

Providing retail services to the public has traditionally been the main area of our activities. Given the scale of our branch network, we are capable of ensuring that most residents of Russia have access to financial services. Our customers span all social groups, including those that receive government support, such as pensions and payments to former military personnel. Our branches also handle child and unemployment benefits paid by the government.

Some 30% of all salaries in Russia are paid through Sberbank, while over 40% of all Russian pensioners obtain their pensions at our branches. The balance on pension programmes, for which we offer special socially-oriented interest rates, accounts for about one third (RUB 1.8 trillion) of the balance on all savings accounts at Sberbank. We process an enormous number of payments from individuals, 40% of which are payments for housing and utility services. The Bank handles tax and other payments from the public to the budget and federal extra-budgetary funds, as well as various allowances and benefits paid by the government to individuals.

Sberbank occupies a leading position on the retail lending market. As of January 1, 2011, we accounted for 32% of the market, an amount equivalent to 2.9% of the national GDP. Housing loans comprise roughly half of our retail loan portfolio. In Russia it is very difficult for a family to acquire its own housing. However, for there to be an improvement in the quality of life and for Russia’s demographic problems to be overcome, affordable and comfortable housing must be made available.

In 2010, we provided more than 241,000 home loans and mortgages with a total value in excess of RUB 220 billion. This figure accounts for over half of the total Russian home loan and mortgage market and is RUB 113 billion more than in 2009.

The Bank also offers a Young Family mortgage programme for families in which one partner is under 35. The programme is also available to single-parent families. The programme increases access to Sberbank’s mortgages as it allows the parents of the young family to sign as co-borrowers.

The Young Family programme also involves a number of significant benefits for families with children. The initial payment under the programme is 10% of the value of the housing, which is less than for other categories of borrowers (15%). In 2010, within the Young Family programme, Sberbank provided more than 72,000 loans worth a total of RUB 61.7 billion, or almost twice as much as in 2009. Loans can be applied for at the Bank’s customer service outlets, including at 160 specialised Mortgage Centres.

We are the main agent in the implementation of the State Housing Certificates sub-programme in the government’s Housing federal target programme for 2002–2010. In 2010, we handled payments on 21,265 housing certificates, helping to provide housing to retired or soon-to-retire military officers having served more than 10 years in the armed forces. In cooperation with local authorities, Sberbank has participated in programmes to provide housing to young families, including families of young scientists and young families in rural areas, and in regional programmes to improve the affordability of housing.

The Bank also participates in the implementation of the Affordable and Comfortable Housing national project and cooperates with government authorities in a number of Russian regions, financing investment and construction projects. We are involved in the implementation of regional housing programmes in the Sverdlovsk, Kurgan, Nizhny Novgorod, Kemerovo and Belgorod regions, as well as the Republic of Udmurtia, and the Khanty-Mansi autonomous district.

In addition, Sberbank has actively promoted other banking services with a social focus, including educational and pension loan programmes. Access to quality education allows young people to achieve their aspirations of getting a particular job. Sberbank offers educational loans to cover tuition fees within Russia to those who cannot afford the costs of their chosen education option. The loans are available to existing students and those planning to enrol.

In addition to lower interest rates, borrowers are offered a number of other benefits, including deferral of principal payments and reduced interest payments for the period of study. No collateral, guarantors, co-borrowers or proof of income are required. The programme provides long-term loans extending up to 10 years after the completion of education. In 2010, the Bank provided educational loans worth a total of RUB 195 million.

Sberbank’s pension loans are an option available to working pensioners. When providing such loans, the Bank takes into account both the pension and the salary of its customers. Potential borrowers are offered personal consultations; the maximum loan size and interest rate are determined for each pensioner on an individual basis. In 2010, Sberbank provided pension loans worth a total of around RUB 8 billion.


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