Financial Literacy 

One of Sberbank’s objectives is to improve the financial literacy of all of its customers. The more people know about the banking industry as a whole and the services offered by the Bank, the more responsible and balanced decisions their decisions will be. The enhancement of financial awareness helps to reduce the Bank’s risks, improve the loyalty of existing customers and attract new ones.

The Bank participates in numerous events and activities aimed at improving financial literacy among small businesses and individual entrepreneurs. We provide consultation, information and organisational support to small businesses. Sberbank collaborates with the relevant federal and regional government authorities, entities involved in providing state support to small businesses and a number of non-commercial organisations active in the field, including Opora Russia, Business Russia, the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Russian Association of Young Entrepreneurs.

Our regional banks run consulting workshops, roundtable discussions and meetings on the legal and economic aspects of entrepreneurship; they also participate in business fairs, forums and other presentation events. The government and business and banking communities use such events to jointly identify solutions to pressing issues, thus creating the pre-requisites for the development and modernisation of entrepreneurship in Russia.

In 2010, Sberbank’s regional banks took part in over 4,500 events attended by a total of about 60,000 business representatives. Some 30% of these events were organised by the Bank alone or in partnership with other organisations. Large training events on the fundamentals of entrepreneurship were carried out in Kyzyl, Krasnoyarsk and Voronezh with support from the Vostochno-Sibirsky and Tsentralno-Chernozemny Regional Banks. The Tsentralno-Chernozemny, Baikalsky and Volgo-Vyatsky Regional Banks also supported a series of training workshops and forums for small businesses.

Small Business Training Programmes

A training programme for small businesses was initiated by the Volgo-Vyatsky Regional Bank. The programme was implemented jointly with the Volgo-Vyatskaya Academy of Public Service, the Youth Training and Business Centre Business Incubator and the Department of Entrepreneurship and Trade of the Kirov Region.

In November–December 2010, a series of workshops were held in Urzhum, Sovetsk, Kotelnich, Omutninsk and Kilmez. Some 200 local entrepreneurs attended the events. Feedback from the events was positive, with participants noting that the workshops helped them improve their business skills and enhance their knowledge of finance.

The Tsentralno-Chernozemny Regional Bank launched the Entrepreneur University programme developed jointly with the Business Incubator of the Voronezh State Architecture and Construction University. The programme is intended to educate emerging entrepreneurs about various aspects of creating and running a business, as well as about existing small business support programmes, banking products and services. The first stage of the programme was carried out in October 2010 in the Sodruzhestvo technology park.

We also actively engage with the media and participate in Internetbased projects and on social networks. These activities are aimed at improving public awareness of the services offered by Sberbank. The use of such channels helps establish a connection with existing and potential customers from across the country, allowing us to obtain valuable feedback, discuss issues of interest and share ideas.

The Circle of Trust

In September 2010, Sberbank and, one of the most popular portals on the Russian-language Internet, jointly launched The Circle of Trust. The main objective of this special project is to promote financial literacy in Russia. As part of this project, journalists work with Sberbank specialists to educate customers about banking products and services in clear and simple language.


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