Our Employees

Today Sberbank employs more than 240,000 people. The professionalism and motivation of each and every one of them is essential if we are to achieve our ultimate goal of becoming one of the world’s leading financial institutions. We constantly strive to improve the benefits of working for Sberbank, complementing a decent salary, stability and respect for the rights of our employees with comprehensive opportunities for personal and professional development and the chance to build a successful career while working to benefit society.

The strategic transformation of the Bank’s business relies heavily on its employees. The expansion of product lines and improvements in service quality require new knowledge and skills, greater efficiency and a more customer-orientated approach. We recognise that we cannot transform the whole team in one day; instead we are gradually developing a corporate culture that fosters an environment of change for our employees in their work practice and in education, sport and creativity. The key objective of our employee policy is to encourage a new work philosophy that fuels the drive for constant improvement and strengthens each and every employee’s personal commitment to shared success.

We also consider it critically important to create modern, comfortable and safe working conditions for our employees, to ensure their social protection and support in difficult circumstances and to provide opportunities for them to acquire new knowledge and realise their potential.

We view the health of our employees as a significant priority. We view our expenditures on providing employees with quality and timely healthcare services and promoting a healthy lifestyle as a well-justified investment.

Our vision: What is Sberbank to its employees?

  • A bank that values its employees and cares for them.
  • A place where employees can grow personally and professionally.
  • A banking employer of choice.
  • A place where employees are not simply cogs in a machine but are actively involved in every process.
  • A bank that offers its employees fair compensation and a decent social status.
  • An exciting place to work.
  • An employer to be proud of, a respected institution where employees are confident about their future.


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