Our Contribution to Social Development and the Development of the Country

Our success is inextricably linked to social development in Russia and the sustainable development of the country. At Sberbank, sustainable development means not only economic growth but also the creation of favourable social and environmental conditions. Within our core business activities and through our voluntary work, we strive to contribute to sustainable development and also to inform the public about our progress in this area.

We are involved in numerous socially significant projects, sponsorship programmes and charitable activities as it is important for us that we develop as one with society and contribute to improving the quality of life for the population. By developing education, science, sport and assisting those in difficult situations, we are supporting our customers, employees and everyone around us. This is our investment in the future.

Sberbank maintains a constructive dialogue with the government in order to identify the most effective and mutually beneficial forms of cooperation. We understand that the development of the country is to a significant extent associated with the creation of modern infrastructure. We partner with the government in the implementation of projects to create a favourable business environment and comfortable living conditions for the population.

Although the banking business is usually considered relatively environmentally friendly, the scale of our operations means that we consume significant energy and resources. We recognise this and work to minimise the direct environmental impact of our operations, which helps us to both reduce costs and contribute to improving the environment.

Our vision: What is Sberbank to the country?

  • The leading bank, a pillar of the country’s financial system, its growth and prosperity.
  • A partner in the implementation of government initiatives.
  • A responsible bank that considers the implications of its decisions.
  • An active contributor to the economic and social development of each region, city and town.
  • A bank with proactive employees who care.


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