Transparency in Our Actions and Intentions 

Sberbank is a transparent and open organisation. We realise that without being transparent in our actions and intentions, it is impossible for us to build and maintain relationships of trust with our partners. To keep the public informed about our activities, we actively engage with the media and use a range of channels and methods of communication.

In 2010, we continued to develop our Information Environment corporate project, which involves briefings and news conferences led by Sberbank’s senior managers. The press events address a broad range of issues including those related to corporate social responsibility. For instance, some of the briefings held in 2010 dealt with our personnel development programme, the signing of a new collective bargaining agreement, our corporate innovation management system, the creation of the Universal Electronic Card, Sberbank’s involvement in preparations for the Sochi Olympics and other issues. The Bank also uses mailing, podcasts and conference calls to inform stakeholders about its activities.

Herman Gref, Sberbank CEO and Chairman of the Management Board, regularly answers questions asked through the CEO’s hotline, as well as holding public meetings and keeping a personal blog.

Sberbank’s website is an important external communication channel. The structure, content and services offered through the website were improved in 2010. We added the possibility to view live videos of briefings and news conferences and the opportunity to ask speakers questions through the website.

In addition to working with the corporate website, Sberbank employees answer questions from customers and co-workers on the popular banking portal We provide real-time support for our retail customers through our pages on the major social networks V Kontakte and Facebook. We also reach our most technologically-minded customers through our blog on the website.


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