Our Shareholders and Investors

Sberbank recognises its responsibility to shareholders and investors. We understand that we must maintain long-term trusting relationships of trust in order to achieve our strategic goals and to fulfil our mission.

In developing our corporate governance system, we are guided not only by the requirements of Russian legislation but also by recognised international standards and benchmarks. The optimisation of this system aims to respect the rights and legal interests of shareholders and investors, while improving the Bank’s performance, maintaining its financial stability and profitability and ensuring the transparency of its operations. We pay particular attention to relations with minority shareholders and foreign investors.

Our vision: What is Sberbank to shareholders and investors?

  • A national leader in terms of return on equity and profitability for shareholders
  • A bank dedicated to high corporate governance standards, building its operations on the principles of openness, transparency and consistency
  • A bank that consistently pursues a prudent, well-balanced and professional approach to risks
  • A bank that has adopted high standards of corporate social responsibility


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