Foreign Investor Relations 

Investors from more than 50 countries hold shares in the Bank. To improve our relations with them, we are working to improve the quality of the English version of our website. In addition, Sberbank managers now hold meetings with foreign investors on a regular basis.

Sberbank offers foreign investors the opportunity to exercise their rights as shareholders. The Bank makes a substantial effort to share materials for upcoming General Shareholders’ Meetings with foreign investors and to explain the proposed agenda in order to increase the level of foreign shareholder’s engagement in the corporate governance process.

To improve the quality of interaction with the international investment community, a study was carried out in 2010 to gauge the perception of Sberbank by investors and analysts. The study was based on in-depth interviews with a number of representatives from investment funds and analysts at brokerage houses. The main suggestion for improving the Bank’s financial communication practices was to expand management involvement in road-shows and investment conferences.

We intend to use the results of this study to better our relationships with shareholders and investors. In 2011, we plan to conduct a road-show with the participation of independent directors.


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