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Annual Report

Title Type  
Annual Report 2010 PDF (11,6 MB)
Mission Statement PDF (64 KB)
Bank Profile PDF (123 KB)
To our Shareholders PDF (440 KB)
Management Report PDF (1,4 MB)
Corporate Governance PDF (377 KB)
Contacts and payment details PDF (49 KB)

Financial Report

Title Type  
Financial Report 2010 PDF (2,3 MB)
Consolidated Financial Statements PDF (221 KB)
Notes to the Consolidated Financial Statements PDF (739 KB)
Statement of Financial Position XLS (121 KB)
Income Statement XLS (26 KB)
Statement of Comprehensive Income XLS (26 KB)
Statement of Changes in Equity XLS (28 KB)
Statement of Cash Flows XLS (17 KB)

Social Responsibility Report

Title Type  
Social Responsibility Report 2010 PDF (13,1 MB)
From the CEO and Chairman of the Management Board PDF (175 KB)
Our Mission and CSR PDF (3,4 MB)
Our Customers PDF (894 KB)
Our Employees PDF (436 KB)
Our Contribution to Social Development PDF (189 KB)
Our Shareholders and Investors PDF (361 KB)
Profile and Performance Indicators for 2010 PDF (2,0 MB)
GRI Content Index PDF (113 KB)
List of Abbreviations PDF (30 KB)


My Annual Report